EVDOR was established with the aim of providing an optimal response to electrical loads and the management of electrical charging in multi-parking garages. Electric vehicles have become a global standard, but with the increase in the number of electric vehicles coming into use in recent years, a problem has arisen of electrical loads management in multi-user parking lots, the electrical loads have sometimes caused power outages, which produces power outages in the public space.

As a response to this need, EVDOR, a subsidiary of the Golan Plates, was established.

EVDOR specializes in dynamic management of electricity loads. The company has developed a dynamic and smart load management system that enables load monitoring and distribution to users according to the available power in the public electricity board.

This system simultaneously manages the charging of a large number of vehicles at the available electricity supply without causing power outages.

The company operates in the business and residential sector, and providing customized solutions for vehicle fleets in public parking lots and office buildings.

The system enables prioritizing charging at off pick hours – when the electricity rate is cheaper.

our team

Doron Mizrahi

CEO and founder

owner and CEO of the Golan Panels Company established 30 years ago, a company specializing in the production of electrical panels and projects in the solar field, photovoltaic systems and more.

Shimon Mordchowitz

Founder and VP of Marketing and Sales

Has 25 years of experience in the world of sales. Served as VP of Sales at Tidran Energy Solutions. Building sales processes, introducing a new software-based product, sales strategy. Leading business development processes for charging stations for electric vehicles.

Avi Levy


Has 27 years of experience in the high-tech industry, has a degree in management and computer science. Served in key roles as technology leader, R&D VP, innovation department manager, with rich managerial and professional experience.

Yaron Azoulai

electrical engineer

electrical engineer with two years of experience in the field of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Fazit Kedem

customer service manager

customer and customer service manager, follow-up and accompaniment of the projects until delivery.

Why choose EVDOR?

The company EVDOR has many and very significant advantages compared to other solutions provided in the market


All charging services are provided in one place: infrastructure, load management, generation of electricity reports and collection

A dynamic and smart system

A system that knows how to monitor the charging loads for each vehicle according to the available electricity and collection options according to toll

Easy and simple

User friendly app


Billing according to Taaz rates (discounted electricity company rate) and without overcharging
for electricity consumption.

User-friendly and convenient system

 The system is simple and easy to operate

without commitment from the customer

We are big believers in the quality of our service, so we have no commitment from the customer

Areas of activity

EVDOR’s solutions are suitable for a wide variety of private, business and commercial premises.
If you are a business or private customer – EVDOR has the solution for your parking lot!

Residential buildings

our customers

Taking Off!

Have you decided to move forward with EDVOR’s smart and economical system?
We will contact you as soon as possible and show you the next steps with close support from our team of experts:

Installation of a distribution cabinet for load management at the charging stations for vehicles – we will choose together the most suitable central place in the parking lot.

Connecting smart and managed charging stations (open OCPP protocol) to the load distribution board.

Monitoring and distribution of the load of all connected vehicles at any given time.

Generating power consumption reports for each position separately.

Monthly or bi-monthly collection against consumption reports.

*The project is carried out under the supervision of the company’s electrical engineer

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